My First Book – Teruvisa

I am Gentry Winn. I have written a book called Teruvisa: Two Kingdoms.  I’d like you to read it. (Link takes you to Smashwords where you can choose a format to download for free.)

Here’s a little teaser for you:

Since he was two years old, Jared Collins has been keeping a secret, so secret that he doesn’t even know about it. However, the time has come for his secret to be revealed.

A series of events unfold, and he is transported to the kingdom of Teruvisa. After entering this remarkable world of awesome technology, Jared, together with two other newcomers his age, discover that they’ve been entrusted with a mission to succeed where an entire civilization has failed.

That’s a lot of responsibility for three twelve-year-olds who haven’t ever used a laris, seen a jobalich, experienced hypertravel, played ketauro, or spoken Amatay… yet.

My novel is a fantasy/adventure/science fiction work that, while intended for young adults, can appeal to older readers, as well. I am confident that the story is engaging, exciting, and unpredictable. My book is unique and will be entertaining and meaningful to readers.

Also, I strongly believe you can have a good book that sells very well without vulgar or inappropriate language, sex or innuendo, or graphic violence. You will see that as you read my book.

Click here to go to Smashwords and download the book for free. (Various formats, such as Kindle, PDF, and ePub, are available. You can even print it or take it somewhere to have it printed professionally.)

Also, a pronunciation guide for the Amatay (a language the characters speak) in my book is available here.

I’d love to hear from you. Send me an email at

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